As Petition Signatures Rise, Rand Paul Agrees To Truth In Media Town...

As Petition Signatures Rise, Rand Paul Agrees To Truth In Media Town Hall

By Joshua Cook – In the first week since its launch, the petition to gather support for a town hall featuring Sens. Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul has exploded.

In addition to the thousands of signatures collected, Senator Paul confirmed with Truth In Media that he would in fact participate in a town hall with Senator Sanders.

“Anytime, anywhere,” Paul told Truth In Media’s Joshua Cook. After much back and forth between the Sanders campaign and Truth In Media, Senator Sanders’ camp has “no comment” at this time.

Neither the Republican National Committee nor the Democratic National Committee has confirmed with Truth In Media that candidates can or cannot participate in a town hall event outside of their scheduled debate events.

Both candidates have focused their campaigns on discussing issues that the mainstream ignores. While the swath of candidates participating in scheduled debates are wasting time on stale issues, Sens. Paul and Sanders are talking about marijuana legalization, health care, the tax code, civil liberties and other pertinent issues. An increasing number of Americans, including millennials, are hungry for real vetting of these issues, and we at Truth In Media believe that will happen at a Paul-Sanders town hall.

Now is the time to make noise. The more we push, the better chance we have of making this happen. Paul is already on board, ready to take on Sanders in a Lincoln-Douglas style town hall.

This event has the makings of being the most historic discussion between presidential candidates in generations. Join the fight and sign the petition right now.